Thursday, December 15, 2011

Piñatas in THAILAND!!! 555+

I have taken on the responsibility of bringing the holiday season to Ban Phai Pittayakom School.

Side note: Notice how I didn't mention "the Christmas spirit."
I really believe that my America is not only composed by people that celebrate Christmas Day. As a cultural ambassador, I will introduce my community in Thailand to the America that I know.

In my America, people celebrate all sorts of winter holidays such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Noche Buena, and etc.

In my classes, I am teaching about the winter holidays in the US. During our Holiday Event, on December 30, 2011, I am planning on having all sorts of activities and performances that showcase America's diversity. Side note: Did you know that Thailand operates under a different calendar system (aka the lunar calendar)? SO in Thailand, our 12.31.2011 is considered 12.31.2554!

One of my favorite projects that the students have taken on has been putting together piñatas!!!

Side note: You might have noticed that 555 has become a part of my cyber vernacular.
The following is an explanation of 555: in Thai language the number five (5) is pronounced as "ha" so 555 is Thai for "hahaha." If something is considered extremely funny then one places an addition sign (+) after the 5s, like so: 555+. 555 is primarily used in sms (texting) and online chatting.

I decided that I couldn't have a winter season (my birthday included) without piñatas!!!! Next week, my youngest class will take on the challenge of making dreidels!!! 555

Stay tuned for pictures of the finish products (piñatas and dreidels)!


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