Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Isaan LOVE Box!!!!

Introducing The Isaan Love Box (not the official name of "katip/klong kao"): This container is made out of wood and bamboo. Everyone in Isaan (the Northeast aka the place where I live and teach) owns one of these to keep and transport their sticky rice ("kao knee-ao").

Just another ordinary lunch meal in the language and social studies office.

A different angle of our feast...I mean lunch table.

From left to right:
Ajan Glenda, Ajan Pimsilee, Ajan Wasanna, Ajan Watchara, Ajan Oradee, Ajan Pipat, Ajan Pranee

is the Thai word for Teacher.

Tom yum pla (Fish soup)

Som tom (papaya salad): This dish is present at every meal!! I never thought I could like papaya...but surprise, surprise I DO!! (I like green papaya and ABSOLUTELY dislike ripe papaya)
pud pak Ruam-mit (stir fried vegetables with tofu)

yam luam mit-ta-leh (seafood salad)

Mok pla noi (small fish in banana leaf)

Cha quiao yen (Cold Green Tea)

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