Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's Laundry TIME!!!

I've said this before and I'll said it again...If my (hypothetical) children ever misbehave THEY WILL BE DOING THEIR LAUNDRY (AND MINE) BY HAND!!!

The following is the step process that goes into getting my clothes nice and clean (clean??...well that's

Step 1: I stare at the detergent* and fabric softener** and make myself want to open them. I purposely bought these because they are in my favorite colors...I knew I was going to need the extra motivation.
*In Thailand, you have to be very careful when buying detergent, because you could be buying something very similar to fabric softener (so no bubbles).
**The fabric softener does not really make the clothes soft...

Step 2: Create a water and detergent mixture in this medium size bucket.
Step 3: Place clothes in the mixture.
Step 4: Let the clothes soak in the mixture while I a) dance around in my room b) clean my room or c) forget that I left my clothes soaking.

Step 5: Grab each individual piece of clothing and scrub the "main" areas (i.e. armpits, stains, and etc).
Step 6: Rinse out soap from clothing.

Step 7: (optional step, I only do this step when I'm in a good mood) After rinsing clothes create a water and fabric softener solution in a smaller bucket (my Twilight popcorn bucket from the movie theater).
Step 8: Let clothes soak in the fabric softener and water mixture.
Step 9: Walk away from the clothes soaking in the fabric softener and prepare the next load of clothes to be washed.

A look at the rubber gloves that I wear to hand wash my clothes. I cannot wash my clothes without these or my eczema would make my hands look like I was suffering from stigmata.
Step 10: I make sure to have enough hangers for the clothes that I just washed.

Step 11: Hang clothes to dry. I have a special mobile looking thing to dry my undies.
Step 12: Put clothes in my closet.
Step 13: Miss the feeling of clothes just out of the dryer.

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